Lightbox: Density

When I was a student at Parson’s School of Design, in the MFA Lighting program, we had to build an 18″ x 18″(46 cm x 46 cm) light box that would be used for various studio assignments. The light box is a box, usually enclosed on 3 sides with 1 side open depending on the project.

Lightbox 1A: 2D Exercise “Density”

One of my favorite assignments was to interpret a phenomenon using light. The instructor placed different words on small pieces of paper and placed them in a bowl from which each student would blindly select. My word was “density.”

Lightbox 1A: 2D Exercise “Density”


I had no idea what to do, but after some much needed food and caffeine, I decided to use some cut pieces of corrugated plastic, stack them in an interesting configuration, light from the open side, and replace one of the solid sides of the box with a translucent vellum. I got an A! Woot!

Lightbox 1A: “Density” (Inside view)